FOTH coffee table book

FOTH Coffee Table Book


Kevin Evans has generously donated his time and energy for another Friends of the Hound coffee table book!

We want You to be part of this book… And you can! You’ll also be Helping us rescue more Greyhounds and placing them with caring, loving families. FOTH adopters are invited to register their name and pay a $50 donation (that full amount is donated to FOTH) and you, your hound or your whole family will go into this strictly limited edition, coffee table book.

All pictures for this book are creatively taken on location by Master ImageMaker/Photographer Kevin Evans at a suitable agreed area.

FOTH Coffee Table Book

All books are priced at $95 – with 30 – 40% of funds for this whole project going directly to Friends of the Hound. $95 for a book like this, is amazing value. Your book will become a family keepsake that you will treasure for years to come.

FOTH Coffee Table Book


Simply pay your $50 registration online and fill in the details and you’re in – Simple as that!

What that means is:

You are now eligible to go into the 2020 FOTH book

Kevin Evans will contact you by phone from your application registration details.

Together you and Kevin will work out a time/date and location to photograph you/your family and your hound/s. (If in doubt about a photography location, Kevin will advise you what will work best).

All photography is done on location – no studio images as we want to keep the book with a outdoor look.

What clothes to wear?? Kevin has a send out package with advice on the best colours/tones to suit your location. We are looking for timeless images here so it best to wear casual clothes like jeans, denim or plain darker clothes (no logos etc). Kevin will explain this in his phone call.

The day we take your pictures: Lighting is best late in the afternoon (times depend on location and time of year).

A photographic session usually takes around 60-90 minutes on average.

Kevin will follow up with a phone call to work out a mutually suitable time to see the pictures – preferably in your own home. You then choose 2 pictures you’d like to see published. Kevin, at his own discretion, may choose additional ones to add to the creativity of the book.

You are most welcome to purchase extra pictures if you wish – there is absolutely no pressure here – although we find that most people choose to do so.

Copies of the book can be ordered from Kevin once you’ve viewed your images. There is no obligation to purchase any books if you don’t wish. Once again no pressure – although almost everyone orders one (or more to give as gifts).

If you order extra images/photographs they will be delivered to you within 4 weeks via Australia post (depending on sizes).

Pick up your books at the FOTH Christmas party, or have them mailed to you if you prefer (postage is extra).


FOTH Coffee Table Book