Fundraising With Love 💕

Friends of the Hound are very fortunate to have the incredible support of compassionate couples like John and Ian, who recently got married and had asked all their family and friends for donations to FOTH in lieu of gifts. Their wonderful wedding raised almost $4000 to help us save and home Greyhounds. 💜

John and Ian have been waiting for 34 years to officially declare their love and commitment and did so in style in a beautiful ceremony in a gorgeous setting in front of many of their delighted family, friends and colleagues, including their two hounds, Billy and Oscar (and surrogate hound, Loki).

Huge thanks to John and Ian and all their loved ones for supporting Greyhounds and we wish them all the best for their future as a married couple! As mentioned during their ceremony “there is nothing better than young love – except for ‘old’ love.” 💜