A happy tale for Hugo & family

For at least a year before we put in an application to adopt a greyhound from Friends of the Hound, I’d carry around a FOTH pamphlet acquired from market stalls (at West End and Eumundi) in my bag and would whip it out at random so my wife Marian would get the hint. Not very subtle!

Before Hugo joined our family, we already had Fynn (our 10 year old Lab-x), and two cats Maru and Bear. Finally, we felt ready to welcome another furbaby and I knew in my heart it would be a greyhound.

Sometimes, it is all written in the stars – that was exactly how our journey to welcoming Hugo into our family was. The timing of our application, and the fact that our sweet-natured and placid Fynn passed her interview with flying colours (with Alison’s beautiful greyhound Pippen) brought us closer to adopting Hugo.

What I really admire about FOTH is the effort they make in getting to know you and your family (pre-existing furbabies included), and how they match you with the perfect greyhound. When we were informed about Hugo, we said yes immediately. I didn’t care about what colour he would be, or whether his ears would stand or fold. I knew that it was meant to be and we had so much love ready for him.

Hugo had a family for about half a year, prior to being with FOTH. Every part of his life matters to us, and I felt it was very important to speak with his previous Mum to let her know that we would love him with all of our hearts. She had given him so much love, and it would have been so difficult and heart-breaking for her to part with him.

When I met Hugo on his Gotcha Day (8th August 2020), my heart melted into a puddle as he leaned against my leg. I thought I had so much love to give him, but I didn’t stop to think that he had a lot of love to give as well.

Hugo has changed our lives in so many ways. He has settled into the family so seamlessly, and is completely adored by his big fur-sister Fynn, as well as the cats! Bear, our little cat loves going up to him to give him kisses when he sleeps.

There is nothing like watching him do his daily zoomies in the backyard, and watching Fynn try to keep up with him (she can’t, really!) We adore the sweet goofball that he is, and he never fails to make us laugh when he farts while stretching. He absolutely loves his squeaky toys and is the goodest boy, so loving and so very gentle.

He’s learnt quickly to walk well on the lead, and he loves car rides so much that he hops up onto the backseat all by himself now! He is the youngest baby of our family, and the largest too!

Thank you so much FOTH for bringing Hugo into our lives! He is the biggest blessing ever!

With thanks to Ellie and Marian for this happy tale 🙂