Not Lonely anymore – a happy tale

We decided to get a companion for our Spaniel/Collie cross Cloudy as she had been grieving for her long time best friend of 14 years, Dusty.

Cloudy had become anxious, sad and had lost interest in life over the 6 month period that Dusty had passed. We had always thought we would love to adopt a greyhound so we applied to FOTH.

We knew of Lonely and that he was ready to find his furever home so we went to meet him to see if he was the one. His beautiful foster carers also had 2 of their own greys as well as Lonely. We discovered lots of things about Lonely that day.

That Lonely loved Anzac Biscuits and not to leave food on benches, that he was much bigger than most greys, that he was a good sleeper, loved to zoom with his friends, that he had the softest fur and the most gorgeous velvet like head.

We also learnt that he was trying really hard to learn about the world and not be too interested in smaller dogs. We fell for Lonely and the next week he came to visit Cloudy. We went for a walk together and they both seemed to like each other. The decision was made that Lonely was the one (of course we knew that from the start)!

Lonely came to stay for his 2 week trial a few weeks later on the 20th June this year. Like many new greyhound parents we bought many beds (indoor and outdoor), toys and all sorts of greyhound related harnesses, collars and leads just to make sure we had everything this big red brindle boy would need.

We had a freezer full of mutt loaf and all the things we knew he loved to eat. Lonely in true greyhound style loved all the beds and the roast chicken we gave him on his first night. Cloudy now has her mojo back and thinks she too is a greyhound copying all that Lonely does.

We have learnt lots more about Lonely. He loves the grapefruits that fall from our tree – he makes funny faces when he tastes the citrus skin as he throws them all over the yard. We can now tell when he is ready and itching to zoom – he gets that look!

He can now go up steps with ease. He is gentle with me and plays harder with Paul – he loves you patting his head while he lays on the lounge and paws at you when you stop. He has the most amazing slow waggy tail and such wise eyes. He sleeps with his eyes open, snores, runs in his sleep and lays in the weirdest most uncomfortable looking positions. He moves like a ninja and can shake hands – he is such a clever boy.

Thank you FOTH, Michelle and Pat for bringing Lonely into our lives.

He has settled well into life with us, he is quirky, cheeky and funny. We love that he welcomes us home with cute little snuffley noises. We love him dearly and love watching him become more comfortable every day.

Thank you to Kath & Paul for this story.