This lucky greyhound has found its forever home and is no longer available for adoption.

Gender: Female
Age: 5 years 9 months.
Colour: Black
Location: Brisbane, QLD
Cat Friendly:

More Info:
Hi, my name is Hansi, or sometimes my foster Mum calls me Hansi-pants!

I am a 5 year old little black girl who just loves to play with toys. I am such a good catcher, I throw my toys in the air, catch them and then do it all again (I am pretty smart!). I just love my foster sisters but love my foster brothers even more, I couldn’t imagine life without the company of another houndie.

I love my food and I am keen for meal-times but am really polite when my foster mum tells me to wait until it is ready. I have pannus (an eye condition) but all that needs is a few drops a day to keep my eyesight in tip-top shape.

I love my foster family and my teeth chatter with excitement and love when they are around.

I would love to be the hound to complete your family but have to confess that I don’t really like small fluffy dogs and am best kept away from them.