A foster story from John & Eileen Schofield

Greyhound photo by John Schofield


I came home from work the other day and as I was getting out of my ute a lady with a child and a dog on a leash was passing by.

The lady said “Are you the man with the greyhounds?”

Of course I replied “Yes that’s right”.

The lady went on to tell me how her son loved greyhounds. A while back they were passing our place when the boy couldn’t see any greyhounds in the front yard, so he started shouting for them to come out.

Eileen heard the boy and opened the gate. The dogs were let into the front yard, they made a fuss of the boy and he and his Mum patted them.

The lady started asking questions about the greyhounds and asked about the “Adopt Me” collar.

Two of the hounds were fosters, so Eileen explained about Friends of the Hound and about the fostering and rehoming process.

After a while the family carried on with their walk.

When I met the lady later, she told me that due to the conversation she had with Eileen, she and her family had fostered many abandoned working dogs and had seen them into forever homes.

It just goes to show you never know where a conversation about greyhounds may lead.

John Schofield


Greyhound photo by John Schofield