A letter to future Greyhound converts


To all you future Greyhound converts,

Having always had rescue animals we had the awful task of saying goodbye to our 17 year old cattle dog.

I was made aware of the awful plight of racing greyhounds and decided to adopt one.

We had to wait a fair while as we have 3 cats, but the greyhounds were thoroughly tested for compatibility and completely ignored our feline contingent (much to the cats delight).

They are so silent and seem to glide. They stealthily stroll past our dining table and our lunch seems to disappear from the plates.

It’s taken a long while to adjust to their very long noses and legs that go on for ever.

We ended up with two greyhounds, a 6 year old and a 9 year old. Buddy and Kramer.

We have had no accidents in the house and right from the beginning they let us know if they wanted to go out, waiting quietly at the door.

They are an absolute pleasure, very affectionate, quiet and often amusing.

Their endearing habit of laying on their backs with all 4 legs in the air is comical.

I guess with legs that long you have to park them somewhere.

Any lounge space is reserved but if you are very good they will let you share it.

We would highly recommend adopting one of these magical dogs.

They don’t require a lot of exercise – just around the block a couple of times and then they have to sleep the rest of the day.

Such gentle animals. They need to be cherished for the love and the company they provide, not for racing profits.

Carol and Steve


The cats