This lucky greyhound has found its forever home and is no longer available for adoption.

Gender: Female
Age: 2 years 1 month.
Colour: Black
Location: Brisbane, QLD
Cat Friendly: No

More Info:
My name is Molly, sometimes the foster humans call me Flossy or Velcro hound. I do love to be by your side alllll the time. I especially love having a good snuggle on the sofa so don’t mind me if I try and lie on top of you, I just like being close! In my current foster home, I live with a big houndie boy and girl and I am tiny next to them! I don’t let that stop me though, I’m a little girl with a big heart and personality to go with it.

Some of my favourite things to do are collect fluffy toys on my bed, watching the humans put them away and then getting them out again. I love fetching the ball and taking it back to the human to throw again for me. Food, FOOD, how awesome is food? I follow my hound housemates around and follow the humans around. I have a lot of energy but I can settle easily too. I’m learning to walk properly on a lead but I get so excited that sometimes I jump like a pony for a minute or two. I can get a bit scared sometimes if I go on night time walks as I’m still learning about the world. My most favourite thing though is snuggles, I just love all the fuss I can get. I don’t like being alone, so I’d love my new home to have someone who is there most of the time and a fellow doggo friend would be a great bonus.