This lucky greyhound has found its forever home and is no longer available for adoption.

Gender: Male
Age: 5 years 2 months.
Colour: White
Location: Tweed/Gold Coast, NSW/QLD
Cat Friendly: Not tested

More Info:
Hi, my name is Snowie.

I’m a sweet affectionate friendly boy who is embracing my new life with great enthusiasm. I’m 5 years old but don’t be fooled by my age, I’m very active and would do well in a busy household with lots of activities going on. I am still very much a typical Greyhound who loves to snooze but when there are things going on I like to be involved, so if you’re looking for a lazy couch potato then I’m not your guy. I have a cheery and happy personality and when I get excited, I’ll even talk to you.

I am an exceptionally good boy when out and about. I love to go for walks and get along well with all the other dogs I meet and love to stop and say Hi to anyone who want to give me a pat. I especially love to get cuddles from the kids. Although I’m energetic, I never pull or misbehave and enjoy a trip to the café where I will quietly wait and watch the world around me.

I’m learning to be a good boy in the house, I get a little excited sometimes but I’m learning the routine and the rules. I like to collect things and stash them in my bed. I’ve discovered toys and will sometimes prance around the house with them.
I have a confession to make, I have a fetish for cushions! My foster mum says I’m a weirdo but I can’t help it they are so soft and cuddly. I’m learning all about new foods but I’m not greedy at all, in fact I much prefer to graze and really don’t like you to watch me eat.

I’m currently living with another greyhound, we have very quickly become good mates and I think in my new home I would much prefer another doggo to live with, I don’t really like being on my own.

I like to start the day with a cuddle in my foster mums bed and at night I like to join her to watch a bit of TV.
I’m am all round good boy who would do really well with a family that will include me in their activities. I have an abundance of love ready to share.