Pippa’s road to recovery

Pippa the Greyhound

Meet Pippa…

Pippa is a sweet 2 year old Greyhound who came into the care of Friends of the Hound in early March 2023.

We were told she had sustained a hock injury whilst being trialed (a Greyhound’s racing performance is tested and proven on trial tracks before racing). After sustaining this significant injury a Vet performed her desexing and suggested surgery to pin the shattered hock, or at a minimum, conservative management was required by confining her.

Sadly, many trainers don’t spend the money for surgery. Pippa’s injury would certainly not have healed properly as it was dislocated and broken.

Pippa the Greyhound

Pippa had been purchased from an owner in Brisbane and flown by her new racing owner to Townsville. Immediately after, she was taken to a trial to check her performance. She broke her leg. For the next three months she was kept caged with this injury. She did not receive any further vet assessment or treatment.

On coming into the care of Friends of the Hound, Pippa had x-rays which confirmed she had shattered bones in her hock (lower back leg). Unfortunately this type of neglect, and other animal welfare issues, are extremely common in the Greyhound racing industry. She had spent three months with broken bones and received no treatment. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

At the end of the day these survivors are discarded and become the responsibility of non-Government funded, independent rescue charities like Friends of the Hound.

The emotional and financial burden becomes ours. However, Pippa is counted as one of the lucky ones, …she at least made it to us.

She has undergone 4.5 hours of surgery and now has a large metal plate and 8 screws, and a piece of bone grafted from her shoulder. With a splint on her leg she will now require bandage changes twice a week. Unfortunately, this type of surgery has a long recovery period.

The plate may have to be removed in the future, which could mean another operation.

Over the next 3 months Friends of the Hound will be caring for Pippa while she recovers, …regular vet checks, rehabilitation and physiotherapy. All this in addition to the $6000 for her complex surgery.

If you are able to help us support Pippa and other dogs like her please donate to Friends of the Hound.

Rescue charities like Friends of the Hound are routinely left to care for neglected and abandoned dogs like gorgeous Pippa. Every little bit helps, whatever you can give, whether it’s a one-off donation or small regular monthly sum. With your help, dogs like Pippa can live out their lives as much-loved companions with families who love and care for them.

We are so grateful for your ongoing support.


Pippa the Greyhound

Pippa the Greyhound