News from foster sister Zoe

Zoe foster greyhound sister

Zoe lives in Brisbane and has been a foster sister to hundreds of houndies.
We caught up with her to find out more!

Us: Hi Zoe. You’ve been a foster sister to many rescued Greyhounds. Can you tell us more about that?

Zoe: Hi, yes I’ve been helping my hoomans with fostering since 2015.

At my place we have houndies who stay with us for a short time.
This is so they can go to the vet and get well before they head off to their foster homes. 

We also have foster houndies who stay here a bit longer.
They live with me and my sister and hoomans until they find their forever home.  

Last year I helped 51 houndies start their new lives. It was a really busy year. 

Us: As a foster sister, what is your job?

Zoe: I welcome all of the new houndies into my home, I help them learn all about life as a pet.
I go on walks with them.
I share my toys and lounge chairs.
Mostly they haven’t lived in a house before so I help them feel safe and loved.

Us: What would you say to other houndies and hoomans who are thinking about fostering?

Zoe: I suggest you give it a go.
It’s so much fun and you get to meet  lots of lovely hounds… and hoomans too.
I see them change from being scared, sad and often really skinny into happy dogs who love life.
I make so many new friends.

Us: It sounds like fostering is very rewarding.
You are doing such a greyt job, thanks Zoe.
And a big thanks to Zoe’s humans, Eileen and John.

And to all the houndies and hoomans out there who are considering fostering, please contact us, we’d love to hear from you. 

Find out more about fostering or contact us.


Zoe the foster Greyhound sister

Zoe the foster Greyhound sister