FOTH Celebrates the Great Global Greyhound Walk on Beautiful Bribie Island

The great global greyhound walk in Bribie Island

The cause was the Great Global Greyhound Walk, a yearly worldwide dog walking event which raises awareness of sighthounds as great pets, and the setting was the foreshore of the picturesque Pumicestone Passage on Bribie Island.

Victoria Sublette, organiser of the fortnightly Bribie Island Rescued Greyhound Walks, decided to go big this year! She made group t-shirts and invited Friends of the Hound to bring a table of goodies to sell and perhaps even a couple of adoptable Greys. The local ladies from In My Belly Pupcakes and Treats were invited to give out samples and sell their wares as well. The idea was to have a bit of fundraising, shopping, puppuccinos and treats for the houndies before our lovely stroll along the waterfront.

The day was a greyt success! The Bribie Island walk on 24 September attracted 28 sighthounds including 24 greyhounds and 4 whippets! Which was not bad for an island with a total population of only about 22,000 inhabitants!

Globally, the Great Global Greyhound Walk attracted 11,818 sighthounds on 458 walks in 38 countries.

FOTH veterans Lynette and Shaunagh were run off their feet with collar sales and adoption enquiries, while almost every hound had crumbs or cream on their snooters from their puppacinos and treats!

FOTH received quite a few donations from our Bribie Island locals and were able to foster out all three greys who attended!

It was an amazing day with so many happy houndies and their human companions.

Next year, we will go even bigger, so come join the Bribie Island Rescued Greyhound Walk on September 29, 2024! Until then, feel free to attend our Sunday afternoon strolls to various walking locations around the island.

Thank you for this wonderful report Dr Victoria A. Sublette