Interview with Voight the foster Greyhound

Interview with Voight the Greyhound

Our fabulous foster carer and new FOTH secretary, Therese Matthews interviewed sweet Voight who has been patiently waiting for his forever home.

Therese: I would like to ask you a few questions, if that is okay?

Voight: Yes of course.

Therese: Can we start with your name and how old you are?

Voight: My name is Voight, my racing name was Sargeant Voight and I am 4 years old.

Therese: Do you know how you came by that name?

Voight: I am not sure, but I do have a “V” shaped white patch on my chest, so that might have something to do with it.

Therese: What’s one of your favourite things to do?

Voight: I love going for walks and meeting people. I always give them a warm welcome. This makes them feel special.

Therese: What is your life like now?

Voight: It was a big change for me, I didn’t know what these buildings were at first but now I know they are houses. I was anxious and barked and howled when my foster Mum left the house as I wanted her to stay with me but eventually I realised that she would return and I am happy to now wait patiently for her to return.

I suffered from motion sickness when I went in the car but (FOTH) found this ginger medicine which I took before I travelled and it worked a treat. (I didn’t like the taste of it at all, but it worked). I don’t suffer from motion sickness any more.

There were a lot of things to learn when I first came in like toilet training and keeping off the bed.

Therese: How is that going?

Voight: Well, I picked it up quickly. The not being on the bed, I didn’t understand at first, but when I realised what foster Mum wanted me to do, it was all okay. In fact when the girls come in, they also want to get up on the bed and I grab them by the hind leg and pull them off. They don’t like it, but I am 21C.

Therese: You have been in foster care for some time now, can you tell me about this?

Voight: I absolutely love it. There are plenty of comfy beds around the house to lie on. At night we sleep on a communal bed beside my foster Mum’s bed and I have the top spot right beside Mum and I sleep as quiet as a mouse all night. Of course, there are other beds there in case the other dogs want to sleep on their own bed in the bedroom at night.

We have a garden in the back and there is lots of activity and bird life about to keep us stimulated and we check the perimeter of the yard regularly for any intruders. After all, that is our job.
There is plenty of delicious food to eat, I never knew what great food I would be eating. I have a glossy black coat. There are plenty of toys to play with.

We go for walks every day and sometimes to the beach as well. I want to catch the boats but my foster Mum says they are too far out in the water for me to run down and I am satisfied to walk alongside of her.

I am the protector of the house and I greet everyone who comes to the door and they get a warm welcome when they come inside.

My foster Mum says that there is a special family somewhere just waiting to meet me and take me home. I hope so but until then I am happy with my foster Mum and I know she loves me.

Therese: Thank you Voight, it has been most insightful.

Voight: Thank you Mum.


Voight the Greyhound

Voight the Greyhound