This lucky greyhound has found its forever home and is no longer available for adoption.

Gender: Female
Age: 3 years 1 month.
Colour: Red Brindle
Location: Other
Cat Friendly: No

More Info:
My name is Abby and I am a friendly, cheeky and clever girl who has adapted expertly to family life. Don’t be fooled I haven’t adapted to just any sort of family life, I have adapted to crazy loud family life with 2 hound siblings and two teenage human siblings during school holidays while they played around the house with their friends!

I am a good girl and have mastered the following skills of a civilised house pet:

Going Up stairs – I am very good at going up internal closed stairs.
Going Down stairs – it’s not pretty and I am slow and careful but I can go down the internal closed stairs.
Like most houndies I am wary of open (not enclosed) stairs and humans need to supervise this.
Meal times – I have breakfast and dinner and when I am done I play ”switch bowls” with my hound siblings, we do not have food aggression and my foster humans supervise. While talking food, I enjoy peanut butter on bread and frozen raw chicken drumsticks! Yum!
Kitchen – so many good smells in there, but I am learning that I am not meant to hang out in that part of the house. But, I wouldn’t leave anything too tempting on the edge of the bench if no one is around….I may take advantage of the situation.
Strolls (that’s the word my foster family uses) – I am a good girl on lead and don’t pull. I enjoy walking with my pack and smelling all the smells along the way. On my strolls I have seen ducks, horses and other dogs and I just keep on walking like the good girl that I am. I am also well behaved when my the humans stop and talk to the neighbours.
Play – I like toys and I like the backyard! I like to chase balls and I like to zoomie with my foster siblings. My foster humans make sure that I have lots of interesting and stimulating things to do and that I have enough strolls.
Quirks – I like to steal shoes and random items of clothing and move them around the place…helps keep my foster parents brains healthy! I also like to chew stuff and I’m learning what is right to chew and what is not (thankfully I haven’t chewed anyone’s shoes)!
Children – I like kids! They’re fun and keep giving me lots of loving attention. I haven’t met any really tiny humans yet, but I do like the mid sized ones, so probably best that I find my forever home with over 8s!
Humans – I love them! They are great…love going up to them for cuddles! I also enjoy them telling me how wonderful I am!

My perfect forever home would be with a family. If they worked and were at school I would like to have doggo siblings to play with and keep me company.

My foster family tells me that any family whoever adopts me will be very lucky to find such a happy, friendly and clever girl (I am not just a pretty face).