This lucky greyhound has found its forever home and is no longer available for adoption.

Gender: Male
Age: 6 years 9 months.
Colour: Brindle
Location: Sunshine Coast, QLD
Cat Friendly: No

More Info:
Woka is a lovely big boy, very easy going, nothing fazes him. He is very friendly and quiet.

Woka loves to go on walks and he walks well on lead. He can jump into the car and will find a comfy place to sit while travelling, he sometimes likes his nose poking out of the window to enjoy the breeze.

Woka happily greets everyone who comes to the door. He can manage stairs well and has no food aggression.
Woka has previously been in a home and has lived with both greyhounds and other types of dogs. He gets on well with other dogs but is not really interested in playing with them.

Woka especially loves to have his back scratched and he has a ticklish spot. He is a happy dog and plays with toys, collecting them to surround his bed. He is a pleasure to have in the house and is very well mannered.

He is one of those rare greyhounds who is a watchdog and will let you know if he hears someone at the door, but he is quiet apart from this.

Woka is not fussy with food and will eat anything. Some of his favourite foods are fruit and greek yoghurt.

Woka enjoys being with people and will follow you around all day, he is definitely a companion dog. Woka is ok at home alone for up to a few hours maximum but he would not cope with being left at home all day on a regular basis.

Woka’s ideal family would not be too boisterous and loud but gentle and patient. He would be ok with older children or with adults. He would suit retirees, people who work from home or work part time hours so he can have company.

Woka has been fortunate to have experienced some time as a family pet and he desperately needs to finds his forever home with people who will love him.

If you are looking for a dog to share your life, Woka could be the one.