Sir Basil gone too soon

Last week FOTH was contacted by an Emergency Vet Clinic about a young Greyhound who had sustained a fractured radius/ulna. His racing owner had opted for euthanasia.

Sir Basil, (the name given by the Vet staff), was 12 months old (just a baby!)

Sir Basil the Greyhound

FOTH agreed to pay his Vet costs and take Basil into care and arrange the necessary surgery and after-care.

We had hoped that this post would be a feel good story about Basil’s successful operation and sharing our gratitude to all our wonderful supporters who heard our call and donated for his vet bills.

Unfortunately it is with immense sadness that we advise that beautiful young Basil passed away on Wednesday.

He underwent orthopaedic surgery and whilst the operation to repair the compound fracture in his leg was a success, his heart stopped just before the recovery process.

The Vet team did all they could to save him.

Sadly, it seems Basil was a victim of intraoperative Hyperkalaemia under general anaesthetic. (Hyperkalaemia is expressed by high levels of potassium in the blood, having a direct impact on the heart’s ability to function normally). It has been proposed that there is a higher prevalence of Hyperkalaemia in Greyhounds.

Our team is in shock, and reeling from the unfairness of it all.
Many tears are being shed.

We thought the worst case scenario would be amputation and we expected to have this dear little man back in his foster home and starting his journey of recuperation – and a long and happy life.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to his care… we wish the outcome had been different.