Come on Queenslanders, please recycle and help support Friends of the Hound!

Containers for change and Friends of the Hound

Take your eligible containers (most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard containers between 150ml and 3 litres, but not those that contained cordial or milk products) to a recycling station. Wine bottles are not able to be dropped off.

Your closest recycling station can be found on the Containers for Change website. You can only take them to those coloured in black, green and yellow only.

The staff member will sort out your containers and give you a piece of paper to take to the office confirming how many eligible containers you have. At the office give them the “Friends of the hound” unique code which is C10003794.

They will process your containers and FOTH will receive the full 10 cents refund for each container, into our bank account within 24 hours – it’s that simple.

Please write down the FOTH unique code or save it into your phone – C10003794

Visit the Containers for Change website