Greyhound Racing NSW cost cutting

Greyhound Racing NSW have been back in the spotlight with their supposed cost-cutting.

Greyhound racing NSW cost cutting Greyhound racing NSW cost cutting


The best take-away from all of this is the downturn in wagering revenue driving these changes, which is expected to continue.

It’s a very expensive (& unethical) exercise to send hundreds of discarded Australian Greyhounds to the US for ‘rehoming’.

Greyhound racing is built on cruelty and corruption, and finding inappropriate ways to get rid of the thousands of dogs overbred & exploited for a powerful & harmful gambling industry, is considered necessary for its sustainability.

They call it future-proofing – a strategy aimed at clawing back their diminishing social licence. We’ll likely see more damage control.

What about the FORSAKEN & FORGOTTEN? – the thousands of dogs kennelled around the country… waiting on an adoption opportunity (that will likely never come), kept by owners, suffering a miserable existence, riddled with hookworm or heartworm.

Thousands of unwanted dogs devoid of affection, enrichment, engagement, & care, warmth & comfort.

We know you’re out there… We care.

Read on, warning these articles may make your stomach turn.

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