Exploited… Exported

Greyhounds exploited and exported

When Greyhound Racing participants in VIC and NSW can no longer exploit their dogs here in Australia, they can export them to USA and Canada.

There are export programs in both States (Racing2Rehome in VIC and Aussie Mates in the States in NSW).

Shockingly, export costs vary for each individual dog, between $4000 to $6000.

There is little transparency about these costs and ‘outcomes’ for the dogs who are sent on the long flights and then ‘homed’ through autonomous partner organisations.

What we do know is that in America there already is a serious rehoming crisis.

Rescue groups and pounds are overwhelmed with dogs.

And our Greyhound Racing Industry is only making things worse.

Read about the awful state of animal shelters in USA here.

These Greyhound Racing export programs are just another attempt to mask the inherent and unavoidable cruelty of the Greyhound Racing Industry.

Please contact your State Minister to ask them to stop the Exploitation and Export of Greyhounds.

Find out more by checking out Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds and Animal Liberation.