Jake – from ‘foster to forever’ home

Jake the Greyhound wins hearts

“Jake, formally known as Blackie, joined our family after we had to say goodbye to our first greyhound.

We took Jake under our wings as a foster hound, and clearly, we all know how that ended.

Five years later he is still living his best retired-greyhound-life full of beds and lounges.

When he came into our care, our son, Finley, was about 6 months old.

Watching him grow up with Jake has been beautiful and they are the best of friends, never far away from each other.

Often at night when I can’t find Jake, I search the house and more often than not he is curled up next to Finley on his bed.

He puts his head up letting me know to go away ‘cause he is comfy and not moving for love nor money – or should I say, dog treats.

As a family, we cannot recommend Friends of the Hound enough.

The love they have for these beautiful animals is immeasurable, and any hound adopted from them would be a welcome addition to any family, big or small.”

Thank you to Fiona McCarlie for this story.