Zada GreyhoundHow did it all begin?

Friends of the Hound Inc. was inspired by a gorgeous, timid, blue Greyhound at Tweed Shire Pound in December 2002.

Lisa White managed to rescue this dog – the first ever Greyhound to be adopted from her local pound.

Zada (meaning “lucky one”) became the first Greyhound companion for the White family, and was joined a few months later by another rescued hound, Bimbi.

They have since rescued and fostered hundreds of Greyhounds!

Zada and Bimbi lived harmoniously with their young kids, other dogs, cats, horses, chooks, guinea pigs and pet rabbit on their small, rural acreage.

Zada was the inspiration for Lisa White to vow to help more Greyhounds. In May 2003, she formed the Friends of the Hound Greyhound Adoption Group, with help from members of Friends of the Pound (Tweed) Inc.

The mission was to create widespread public awareness of the Greyhound as a gentle, affectionate dog and excellent family companion and advocate ADOPTION, NOT DESTRUCTION.

Who makes it happen?

Friends of the Hound Inc. (FOTH) is a volunteer-based, not-for-profit rescue charity, relying and thriving solely on fundraising and donations. It is the generosity and support of the community, and the efforts of our members and volunteers, that enable the group to successfully achieve its aims.

Friends of the Hound Inc. takes in dogs from Greyhound owners, breeders and trainers from all over NSW, ACT and QLD, and rescues Greyhounds from pounds, shelters and Vet clinics where possible.

Many of our wonderful members, volunteers and supporters, expend lots of time, energy and effort in helping Greyhounds. Friends of the Hound Inc. is made up of a diverse group of supportive people – most are passionate dog-lovers that feel strongly about the welfare issues surrounding Greyhounds, and often other animal welfare issues focusing on the ethical treatment of animals.

Lisa Greyt walkies

Why do we exist??

The sad, ugly fact is that there has always been a horrendous mass wastage of Greyhounds as a direct result of the dog racing industry.

It has always been THE QUICK, OR THE DEAD for Greyhounds, and dogs are still being bred, caged, raced, injured, doped and routinely discarded or killed due to a commercial gambling industry.


Get involved!

How you can help us at Friends of the Hound?

Donate, volunteer, foster, help out at markets, photography, video…

We want to hear about your special talents!


How can I help?

Greyhounds make great pets!