Apply to Adopt a Greyhound

Thank you for your interest in adopting a Friend of the Hound Greyhound.

It is important to us that your new Greyhound is suitable for your lifestyle, family and home environment.
Therefore, to ensure that you are compatible with your Greyhound, we require you to complete the following questionnaire. Your details will be kept private and confidential at all times.

LONG HOURS away from home can be unfair on a dog that thrives on human companionship.
If work and other commitments keep you absent for long periods throughout the week, and there is no other canine companionship, perhaps consider adopting 2 or waiting till your circumstances change.

RENTING is not always conducive to adopting a pet, sadly.
We shall require evidence of real estate/landlord or body corporate approval.

UNITS/APARTMENTS have been promoted as suitable for Greyhounds due to their sedentary nature but whilst Greyhounds do not need large spaces we do need to be mindful of flights of stairs, minimal outdoor space, lack of grassed areas and toileting opportunities.
Duplexes, townhouses, and ground floor units with small yards or courtyards, can offer suitable environments, particularly with retirees or those working from home.

STURDY FENCING is required to ensure your Greyhound’s safety. The minimum fence height is 1.2 metres. Minimum fencing material is “dog wire” with no gaps, bent or loose areas that would allow a dog to go underneath or over the top.
Please check your fencing before contacting us, or have a plan in place for improving your fence.

CATS & OTHER SMALL ANIMALS living in the home can make it impractical for Greyhound adoption.
Whilst there are Greyhounds that can live harmoniously with felines, chooks, and other pets and farm animals, we don’t always have the resources to perform these assessments and therefore cannot put your animals at risk, particularly if free-range.

There is often a waiting list of people wishing to adopt cat-friendly Greyhounds so greyt patience may be necessary.
Dogs in our program assessed as cat-friendly are often not advertised as they go directly to the most suitable waiting home.

LOCATION is important as FOTH operates in New South Wales and South-East Queensland only.

When you have submitted your application, a Friends of the Hound representative will be in contact with you.

Please be aware that the adoption process involves an initial home visit.
A representative will visit your home, chat to your family, assess your environment and answer any questions you might have.

Greyhound Adoption Guide

Please familiarise yourself with our

Greyhound Adoption Guide

It contains a lot of information about adopting and caring for a Greyhound.

Kitty cat and Greyhound