Thank you! $10,000 raised from our Facebook Auction

$10,000 is an incredible achievement and all thanks to you... our friends and supporters

Greyhound Racing NSW cost cutting

Greyhound Racing NSW have been back in the spotlight with their supposed cost-cutting.

The Adventures of Dora, the Runaway Greyhound

This book is dedicated to all Greyhound Rescue Organisations and their amazing volunteers.

Celebrating 21 years of rescuing Greyhounds

We’ve helped thousands of dogs - though whilst our mission is to rescue, our vision...

Sir Basil gone too soon

With immense sadness we advise that beautiful young Basil passed away.

The Coat Committee

Lynette and Shaunagh have been busy making our gorgeous Greyhound coats.

Rescue News: The Super Six

FOTH recently stepped in to rescue 6 gorgeous Greyhounds from a NSW trainer.

FOTH Key Hounders at Animal Rights Forum

Two of FOTH’s key Hounders attended a wonderful weekend of Greyhound Advocacy.

Dog Lovers Festival March 2024

We were very happy to be showcasing Greyhounds as pets as well as advocating for...