Keep Greyhounds cool this summer

Greyhound racing industry’s words mean naught when dogs were raced in 39 degree heat in Dubbo recently.

Racing industry heat

The Greyhound racing Industry has broken their own HOT WEATHER Policy.

The first race in Dubbo was pushed back approximately 20 minutes but then jumped at 7:27pm exactly.

The BOM at that exact time showed the last recorded temperature in Dubbo as 39.1 and popular showed 38.4 degrees. Above the 38 degrees allowed. They must have used the ‘wet finger in the air’ method.

The policy states: “Stewards must abandon any meeting or race where the temperature rises above 38°C, or the temperature is forecast to rise above 38°C during the period in which the meeting is scheduled to occur. Cancelled meetings or races may be re-scheduled to take place at another time on the same day provided that the temperature does not exceed 38°C.
A club must abandon any trialling where the temperature rises above 38°C or the club is of the opinion that the temperature is likely to rise above 38°C”

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For owner’s wanting to keep their pooches cool try these simple practices:

  1. Don’t walk between 11am and 3pm on hot days
  2. Avoid walking on hot paths, this may burn their paws
  3. Invest in a shell pool to cool dogs down
  4. Use fans or air con if you have it
  5. Use a cool wet cloth on your dog’s fur

Black greyhound enjoying bath outside